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Working as a product designer at Causes on better democracy through government and corporate accountability. I'm also working to help people connect to play pickup sports. I'd love if you emailed me at mccoy dot stewart at gmail dot com.

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Keeping PMs and designers on the same page
I’ve found that more than anything, “design” is the decisions made in conversations between teammates. To be effective I’ve needed to learn how to stay on the same page as my PM, and for this, the use of a design brief for each project has become instrumental for me. In effect, it’s the common vocabulary for talking about and evaluating a project.
How I ask for stakeholder feedback
Being more intentional about who to ask, when, and about what, can go a long way in reducing miscommunication in the product dev process.
Why startups should care about App.net
When App.net became a thing last summer, everyone thought it was a Twitter clone. That’s a huge marketing problem because most people in the startup community still don’t understand that App.net is offering a development platform for social products, one that comes with a clear business model that foregoes advertising, an active community of users, and exciting implications for improved UX across the app ecosystem.

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