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Stewart McCoy, Product Design Lead & Front-End Developer

I work with teams I respect, building products for problems I believe in solving.

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Vulnerability and feedback in product design
In the last 5 years I’ve worked as a designer, I’ve learned that a core trait of successful design is vulnerability, and real vulnerability comes in the form of user feedback.
Using design to unblock stakeholders
As designers we are uniquely positioned to show people the future, and to do so, we need to learn how to influence decision makers.
Keeping PMs and designers on the same page
I’ve found that more than anything, “design” is the decisions made in conversations between teammates.
Being intentional about stakeholder feedback
Being more intentional about who to ask, when, and about what, can go a long way in reducing miscommunication in the product dev process.
Design with trust, ask questions
The most important lesson I learned this past year is that when I don't understand something, I need to ask questions. I've found that overcoming any embarrassment, shame, pride, or ego, and pushing myself to ask seemingly ignorant or naive questions is actually my responsibility as a professional.