By Stewart McCoy

My first Backbone.js pull request to production

I’ve been wanting to build what I design since I worked at Opower back in 2011. Being able to submit pull requests for UI changes seemed like it should be easy, but it’s been a long road to learn how to manage my developer environment, navigate MV* frameworks, use git, and learn front-end libraries like Backbone.js—so that I could actually push a change for style or a small jQuery interaction. But, I’m finally there. Last month I took Mosh Hamedani’s Udemy course The Complete Backbone.js Course from Beginner to Advanced and I learned enough to actually branch off stage, find the Backbone View I needed to edit, and make the necessary changes, including updating how data was passed to the API endpoint.

Here’s a gist with the Before and After of the Backbone View that I pushed to production:

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