Improving local election participation

My team helped US voters select federal, state, and local candidates before election day.

iPad displaying Change Politics app

In 2016, Change Politics was uniquely positioned to help voters prepare for election day.

We partnered with a data vendor to gain complete ballot coverage for 80% of US voters.

Anyone could educate themselves about federal, state, and local candidates, and record their decisions months ahead of going to the voting booth—something that had previously been incredibly difficult to do.

I joined the team to lead a redesign that would improve ballot comprehension and completion.


The original UX was overloaded and the goal was unclear


Broad explorations, prototyping, and iterative usability testing


A “stamp book” metaphor to clearly convey the goal


The original design was overloaded and users weren’t clear what their goal was. A user had to scroll a lot to see all the content.


Users understood the goal was to complete the ballot. Focusing on one race at a time, a user could add candidates to her “stamp book”.


Increased both overall endorsements and endorsements per voter.

Endorsements lift
Per endorser lift

We shipped in 4 weeks

I led research to inform product strategy,
prototyped UX/UI, ran usability, and paired with engineering.