Logo concept for a fake mobile app concept called Nike Jogabo

This project reimagines Jogabo and Nike Soccer as a single experience. Both mobile apps have attempted to bring soccer communities together.

The existing products

Pickup—where a group of people, either friends or strangers, join together for an informal game and for the love of sport—is a strong aspect of the global soccer culture. Many digital products have tried to amplify this aspect of culture, including prominent brands like Nike.

Jogabo is social soccer

The app launched as web-only in 2013 and re-launched in 2015 as an iOS app. The product promises to help soccer players and enthusiasts to discover, organize, and join soccer games around the world.

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Nike Football in your pocket

Launched in July 2014: "The Nike Soccer app allows players to create matches, banter with friends and teammates, and be the first to access exclusive Nike product."

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Nike Soccer

The concept of both products resonates with a need soccer players have, but the apps fail to connect players or turn user intent into offline soccer games.

User scenarios

Many of the scenarios below are assumed by Jogabo and Nike Soccer, and will also inform my design for Nike Jogabo.

I don’t know anyone or where to play

I travel and want to meet for pickup

My responsibilities don’t allow for league play

League play is formal, I just want to have fun

Facebook and Meetup aren’t reliable

Soccer is a way to make friends

Introducing Nike Jogabo

Jogabo already has the compelling slogan “connect with local players anywhere”. However, the user experience makes it fairly difficult to achieve this. For this redesign, this slogan became my guiding principle.

Nike is also instrumental to this redesign because they already have deep brand influence within the soccer community. Their marketing efforts and ability to monetize the app through in-app product exclusives would help capitalize the product and make it sustainable.

Both Nike and Jogabo rely on organizers to create activity in their products. However, organizers represent a tiny population of users interested in playing. My redesign flips that assumption and focuses on connecting people with intent to play.

One-step log in

24% abandon an app after a single session (Localytics). My redesign only requires sharing location to see immediate value—the ability to connect with all the other players in the community.

Connect with local players

A key assumption of the redesign is that exposing the graph of regional players and allowing them to cluster and communicate will naturally lead to self-organized games.

Start playing

Another assumption is that the primary intent of pickup players is to play that same day.

By capturing that intent and clustering users with similar intent together, this removes the need for an organizer with an existing network to create games.

Instead, users will recognize the potential of the group to turn into an offline game.

All users can suggest a time and place, and once both are set, they are asked to confirm attendance.


Since the goal is achieving product/market fit by connecting players in real life for pickup games, I want to ensure the redesign considers how to measure the quantity and quality of games. Presumably, this will help with iterations toward better outcomes for users.

Please use these ideas and make this product a reality. Seriously.

Nike Jogabo is a concept and has no affiliation with either Jogabo or Nike Soccer.