Simple & elegant tools for including community when a loved one passes.

Wonderful Life homepage design

Starting October 5, I contracted to design the first version of the product.

We built and shipped an MVP in less than 3 weeks. The team is seeing a steady increase in users every day via SEM.

My contributions include brand design, and UX, UI, visual design, and design systems.

I also helped code most of the interfaces in the mocks below.


Wonderful Life will be the best way to plan and manage all aspects of the funeral process.

Initial problem

Help grieving families announce the passing of a loved one.

MVP solution

Users can create a single memorial website with a profile for the deceased, an obituary, a note from the family, and funeral details.

Creating a memorial website

Most users find the site by searching a variation of “obituary template”. We offer them the ability to create a website memorializing their loved one. Visitors can RSVP to funeral events and leave their memories and condolences.

Logotype design

The leaf mark is a subtle nod to the tree of life. I chose a leaf  because it is a familiar and calming icon from the natural world, and a reminder that although leaves fall from the tree, the tree lives on. The logotype is based on Montserrat Regular with custom letter spacing.

Wonderful Life logo design

Receiving invites

Most visitors receive invites on mobile and visit the responsive version of the memorial website.

Wonderful Life email invitation
Wonderful Life profile on mobile
Fully responsive

Wonderful Life is well-designed no matter what device you’re on
Responsive emails

Our email template use media queries to ensure readability on mobile.